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About Us

Who We Are ?

World Harvest Outreach Missions is an independent, non-denominational ministry founded to provide aide and support to people in need. World Harvest Outreach Missions is a faith mission relying on God to provide funding and other needs through churches and donors throughout the United States. World Harvest Outreach Missions was incorporated in Kentucky as a not-for-profit organization in January 2012.  We have an independent Board of Directors and Advisors in Kentucky. World Harvest Outreach Missions has been granted  501(c)3 active status from the United States Internal Revenue Service.

World Harvest Outreach Missions was founded by Dr. Bruce and Dee Ann Wilson in late December of 2011. The Wilson’s began this journey they now find themselves on in March of 2010, when they made their first trip to Haiti with Dr. Neil Barry and his wife Jane, on a medical mission trip with the Debusk College of Osteopathic Medicine, under the leadership of Dr. John Williamson. This would be the mission trip that would set the course to change their lives forever. The Wilson’s had lost their son Jacob to Trisomy 13 in 2004 and suffered tremendous grief as result of this loss. While in Haiti on that very first trip they came upon a little 1lb 9oz HIV Positive baby, by the name of Fredna that would change their everything. Baby Fredna, as they have so fondly come to know her, brought about great healing through our Heavenly Father for Dee Ann.


While spending a month on the Global Outreach Compound in January of 2011, Dee Ann met Cody Whittaker and Oscar Mendes in what they all now know was a divine appointment. Dee Ann and her daughter Emilyann began visiting the children at the Victorious Kids Orphanage and very quickly fell in love with the children, Oscar and Cody and Maria Whittaker. It would not be very long until Dee Ann would have the heart wrenching honor of ministering to Cody and Maria about the loss of a child, as they were soon to see their own 4-year old daughter Susanna go on to heaven to await them after a battle with Neuro Blastoma.

Cody and Maria Whittaker partnered with Oscar in 2010 after the earthquake to help in providing both Spiritual guidance and financial support for Victorious Kids Orphanage. However, after the loss of Susanna and other life altering events in the lives of the Whittaker’s, they felt their season in Haiti must come to an end. The Whittaker’s then asked Dee Ann and her husband to prayerfully consider taking over their role in this ministry. After much prayer and clear direction from God the Wilson’s joyfully accepted what they have now come to know as their life work for the Kingdom.

After much prayer and guidance from their Heavenly Father, the Wilson’s began putting together what is now known as WHOM- World Harvest Outreach Missions. The Board and its Advisors is comprised of good Godly men and women that are like minded and in unity in the vision for the work that God has for this foundation. While Haiti and the Victorious Kids Orphanage are the focus at this time, they know that very soon they will be partnering with their good friend Kitondekigya Wilson in Uganda, Africa for a work there as well.

The Wilson’s now know that everything in their lives up to this point has been training for what God has had planned for them all along.  They go to the orphanage in Haiti and love those children who have suffered so much in their very short lives, with a love that only comes from experiencing great pain. A very wise and trusted friend of Dee Ann’s, Sylvester Dunn, warned her before she ever went to Haiti the first time. He told her she would never be the same… Truer words have never been spoken. She wouldn’t change a thing- even if she could.

How Can You Help ?

You can  World Harvest Outreach Missions with a monthy recurring sponsorship for the children at Victorious Kids Orphanage in Haiti or any of our missions in Uganda or Southern Sudan.

How Can I make a Donation?

How Can I make a Donation?

You can make a donation to World Harvest Outreach Missions by either mailing a check to us at P.O. Box 1810, Barbourville, KY 40906 or by going to our PayPal link found on the homepage

Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

Yes. If you feel led of the Lord to do a work with World Harvest Outreach Missions please contact Dee Wilson at

A Tax write-off Donation

A Tax write-off Donation

World Harvest Outreach Missions has been granted  501(c)3 active status from the United States Internal Revenue Service

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